How communication can mage a huge difference for a small business April 23rd 2020 (Stavanger)

This English course will include "Why communication is key?" and "Strategic Communication and Public Relation".

As a startup who have a lot of desicions to make. What can communication help you in your establishment?

Be inspired by Borghild Eldøen, she runs Eldøen kommunikasjon and has worked with developing and implementing communication strategies for a long range of clients in both the public and private sectors for over 20 years. 

Eldøen is among the most seasoned and established advisors for leaders in the Stavanger region, and works across the whole communications Spectrum.

Free of charge


Thursday, 23.04.2020 Time: 17:00-19:00, please meet 16:45

Course provider: Borghild Eldøen, Eldøen kommunikasjon Course

Location: Måltidets Hus (Building I 7) - Innovasjonspark, Richard Johnsens gate 4.

Free parking

For further information contact: Suzanne de Kok Selstad tel: 950 48 515 - email: suzanne.dk.selstad@skape.no or Rudolf Hansen tel: 974 67 981 - email: rudolf.hansen@skape.no

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